Jerry Ghionis - Fashion




⇦ With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion. Renowned for his creativity, he not only has the ability to capture natural magic on your wedding day but he creates magic of his own. His love and empathy for people creates powerful visual storytelling. With the innate ability to make everyone look and feel beautiful in front of his camera, Jerry’s images are often simple yet a complex blend of soul, drama, imagination and technical skill. Whether he is shooting a glamour session, lifestyle portrait or boudoir beauty, Jerry has the ability to bring out the best in any situation.












My first impression of Allison when I met her was that she was extremely timid and painfully shy. I don’t know whether it was just her personality and that she was not a naturally confident person and wary of people or whether it just from being so young. For this shoot, I had access to an incredible wardrobe on Melrose Ave in Beverly Hills and combining the wardrobe with her personality gave me the concept for this shoot. I wanted to amplify her persona which could be interpreted as that of a young, rebellious teen. The outfit itself was made up of a black tutu and a black crocodile jacket. We also put heavy eye make-up and styled her hair into somewhat of a mohawk. The minute she stepped in front of my camera, it all made sense for me and it came together. Although her passive look was quite strong, I asked her to frown so I could get those lines between her eyes (my specific directions were, “I want brow pressure”) and that added to the tension of the negative space in front of her. It is a simple but striking image.



My main photography influence growing up was Herb Ritts. He was famous for photographing in the bright California sun and bringing out the best in his subjects. And that inspired me for this shoot. I used the avant-garde but an almost religious-looking crown to create shadows falling on her face so that they look like tears. The negative space on top provides tension but leads your eye into the soft expression. ⇨ 


⇩ I was commissioned to photograph some promotional images of the singer, Zhavea. She usually is depicted as a strong, warrior princess-like persona, but I wanted more intrigue. I wanted to draw attention to her quiet confidence but also showcase her trademark mane-like hair.










Meghan was simply fearless in front of the camera. Very simply, there was nothing she wouldn’t or couldn’t do while I was photographing her. Photographing her in front of a beautiful canvas backdrop hand painted by Oliphant, the highlights in her hair make it look like it was on fire. I tried a few hair flips to keep her face while still maintaining slight movement in her hair. Her hair looks like it’s on fire and it looks like she’s falling. The result is a strong but quiet and calm portrait.